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Battlefield 4 Spectator Mode Detailed, More Complimentary Features To Come at Launch News 47

News 47 Spectator mode is coming to Battlefield 4, a heavily requested feature throughout the lifetime of 2011’s Battlefield 3 that is finally making its appearance in this year’s iteration of the fan-favorite series. While being demonstrated on this year’s E3 2013 show floor, Battlefield producer Daniel “zh1nt0” Matros walked fans through a number of features available […]

Battlefield 3 – DICE Hasn’t Forgotten About Esports, More on Battlerecorder and Spectator Mode News 35

News 35 Some fans feel that DICE has been ignoring the competitive community as it’s been some time that Esport goers, and even casual gamers alike, have requested a spectator mode or Battlerecorder in order to monitor competitive matches. While it may seem this way, Daniel Matros, global community manager at DICE, stresses in a recent AMA on Reddit, “I’ve been […]

Battlefield 3 Spectator Mode: “There Hasn’t Been a Definitive No” and More on Private Servers News 50

News 50 Though it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the possibility of a spectator mode or private matches making their way to Battlefield 3, some recent mumblings have been noted between the community and members of the DICE team. While there still no confirmation on any sort of spectator mode becoming a reality, Daniel […]

Battlefield 3 – Possible Spectator Mode Announcement? USAS-12 With Frag Rounds Update News 33

News 33 DICE Gameplay Designer and Community Manager update Battlefield 3 fans on the situation regarding the infamous USAS-12 shotgun equipped with fragmentation rounds and teases the possibility of a spectator mode. Community Manager, Daniel Matros, recently spoke of ClanBase’s Nations Cup which is beginning today. What he had to say, however, brought some attention to a possible […]