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Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch Adds News Flashpoint, Galactic Starfighter Map & More News 0

News 0 The latest Star Wars: The Old Republic patch implements a new Galactic Starfighter map for 12v12 Deathmatch, a new Operation Boss Fight (Nahut, The Son of Shadow), and more. In addition to this, the classes and combat have received some balancing changes including: Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior and more. For the highlights of the latest patch, see […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free-To-Play This November News 7

News 7 Starting this November, there will be two ways you can play Star Wars: The Old Republic. As stated in a recent Electronic Arts earnings call, Star Wars: The Old Republic “will move to a more accessible two-tiered pricing model in November.” What does this mean? Players will have the option to choose between a monthly, subscription-based fee […]