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Paragon Assets Worth $12 Million Are Now Available for Free News 0

News 0 Paragon shuts down next month, which will a sad time for fans of the game. In happier news, Epic Games is releasing $12 million worth of AAA-quality Paragon assets for creators to use. This includes 20 characters and their skins, animations, VFX, and dialogue, as well as over 1,500 environment components. Here’s a video showcasing what comes […]

Housemarque New Game to Use Unreal Engine 4, Moving Away From Proprietary Tech News 0

News 0 After using their own proprietary tech to create arcade shooter hits like Super Stardust HD, Resogun and Nex Machina, Housemarque will now be shaking things up. Unreal Engine 4 will be the new engine powering the developer’s new soon-to-be-announced title. For over 22 years, Housemarque has built and used its own tech, so the move to UE4 is […]

Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha Gets New Developer-Made Map, Available On Just-Launched Marketplace News 10

News 10 Now available in the pre-alpha version of Epic Games’ work-in-progress arena shooter reboot, Unreal Tournament, is a new multiplayer maps that gives fans a proper, high-resolution, developer-made multiplayer arena to battle it out on. The pre-alpha has technically been playable for some time now, but the new map, now available on the also just-released marketplace, gives participants […]

Epic Games Rids Unreal Engine 4 Of Subscription Fee, Now Free To Download News 9

News 9 For those who have always had a passion in gaming and want to take it a step further by developing your own software, you now can with the help of Epic Games. The studio announced today that their latest Unreal Engine is now free to download. “We give you everything so you can build anything,” Epic […]

Epic Talks Unreal Engine 4, Watch the GDC Tech Demo News 16

News 16 Epic is unleashing Unreal Engine 4 unto the world today. Speaking at this year’s Game Developers Conference, the company showcased the brand new graphics engine that can be accessed for a monthly rate of $19, along with a 5% royalty. Check out the 5-minute presentation above highlighting the engine’s impressive new features. Epic founder Tim Sweeney […]

Fortnite To Be Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Will Ship “Exclusively For PC” News 7

News 7 You may remember a little game called Fortnite, whose interesting and quirky debut trailer aired last year. Here’s a quick refresher: Essentially, Fortnite is a cooperative shooter in which players must build defensive structures during the day in order to fortify their home base as it becomes under attack from shadow-lurking creatures during night fall. […]