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Borderlands 2 – All Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2 Weapons And Class Mods Detailed News 55

News 55 With Borderlands 2’s latest DLC, Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2, close to it’s September 3 release date, you can be sure that more and more details of this upcoming add-on will be surfacing. Fortunately for you guys, we have already uncovered some details like the new customization items it is set to include if you […]

Borderlands 2 – New Xbox 360 Compatibility Pack Arrives Soon, What You Should Know About UVHP 2 News 23

News 23 According to Gearbox community manager Chris F., Borderlands 2 players on the Xbox 360 platform should be expecting a new compatibility pack to be released soon to support the upcoming Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2 add-on. If the past is any indication, you can be sure that it will be up and running for download within a […]