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New Planetside 2 Gameplay Trailer News 6

News 6 Sony Online Entertainment’s Planetside 2 is a free-to-play MMO FPS on PC. Much like it’s predecessor, Planetside 2 will continue to offer stunning graphics and massive competitive battles, along with adding modern day features that many first person shooter fans have come to love. Here’s a new trailer that shows off some amazing gameplay of ground assault […]

E3 2012 – Black Ops II Behind-the-Scenes Video, MP and Zombies Discussed News 21

News 21 “The multiplayer community is everything to us. We have such an avid fan base,” says Treyarch in a brand new behind-the-scenes video for Black Ops II. In this video, the folks over at Treyarch go through all three components of the game with main emphasis on the campaign, as you know the studio is saving zombies and […]

Arma 3 E3 2012 Preview Video, Showcases Vehicles and More News 13

News 13 Bohemia Interactive has released a sneak peek of what the studio has in store for Arma fans at E3 2012. Check out the stunning video below: We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more Arma 3 news and videos during E3 2012.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Developer Multiplayer Tips News 5

News 5 Ubisoft Redstorm’s Creative Director Tommy Jacob shares some useful tips and hints in the latest Ubisoft ComDev episode. Jacob goes over team work, how to counter spawn trapping, and more to help you in the battlefield. You can find our GRFS coverage through here.

DUST 514: Welcome To New Eden – CCP Developer Diary Part 2 News 1

News 1 In this latest Dust 514 developer diary, you’ll learn all about the mercenaries along with the “fitting” system, which is similar to systems that you’ll find in RPG titles. (Courtesy of IGN) You can view part one here: DUST 514: Welcome To New Eden – CCP Developer Diary Part 1

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Day One Update Patch Notes and New Trailer News 18

News 18 Ghost Recon Future Soldier developer, Red Storm, has released the change list for the day one patch intended to add gameplay improvements made during the beta, and the improvements Red Storm worked on since the beta wrapped up. Here’s the fix list: Introduced 6-man party system in the multiplayer game mode; Balanced several weapons (assault rifles, SMSGs, handguns, shotguns); Balanced equipment […]

Arma 3 New Screens and Lighting Video News 8

News 8 Bohemia Interactive today released some fresh new screenshots for their upcoming Arma title, along with a video to show off the new lighting system.

DUST 514: Welcome To New Eden – CCP Developer Diary Part 1 News 3

News 3 A brand new video for DUST 514 has been released, which gives you a good look at some brand new gameplay along with details of how Dust 514 fits in with Eve Online. If you haven’t known this yet, Dust 514 will be a free-to-play first person shooter that will be releasing exclusively on the […]

The Shotguns of Max Payne 3 News 6

News 6 Rockstar has released a new video breaking down all the shotguns in Max Payne 3. It’s still unknown whether all of these shotguns will be included in the multiplayer component of the game or not. A list of the shotguns shown above: M4 Super 90 (semi-Auto) M500 (Pump-Action) Super Sport Dual Swan-Off Shotguns Spas-15

New Modern Warfare 3 Trailer – Elite Drops: Liberation and Piazza Maps News 2

News 2 Activision has released a new trailer for the new Modern Warfare 3 maps, New York based Liberation and Piazza , which is set on the Italian sea side. After his debut in Elite’s latest trailer, Lt. Colonel Rob Riggle returns to break down the new maps for us.

Epic Battlefield 3 64 Man Base Jump Led by Sgt. Enigma News 4

News 4 One of the reasons why Battlefield 3 has been one of the best multiplayer experiences of this year* is the community behind the game. We have seen a plethora of amazing Battlefield 3 videos, but the community seems to only be scratching the surface of possibilities. Today, YouTuber, Sergeant Enigma, released a 64 man base jump. The video is commentated […]

Awesome Real Life Battlefield 4: Co-Op Video News 6

News 6 Famous YouTuber, Freddie Wong, shows us what co-op might look like in Battlefield 4 powered by FrostBite Real Life engine, yet to be developed by DICE.

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