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Battlefield 3 Crossbow (XBow) Weapon Guide and Stats – Everything You Need to Know News 24

News 24 The Crossbow makes its debut in Battlefield 3: Aftermath, a heavily modified assault rifle that can be equipped with up to four different bolt types. But, how does it work? We dug up some interesting statistics regarding the Xbow which you may not have been aware of. Thanks to the help of YouTuber rivaLxfactor, we […]

Xbox Ahoy Kicks Off Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide News 37

News 37 Stuart Brown, AKA Xbox Ahoy, who many of you may remember for his Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 weapon guides, returns with yet another series of informative and entertaining weapon info vids, this time taking a look at the weapons featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Each video looks at a different […]

Activision Takes Down YouTuber’s Videos to Make You Pay for Them in Elite? News 23

News 23 Activision forces YouTuber to take down his videos. Stuart Brown, or XboxAhoy, is a well known YouTube commentator that makes some of the most impressive weapon guides for the Call of Duty community. The combination of his soothing voice and high production in his videos makes for an great way to learn about the guns. We […]

Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Guide #2 – G36C, ACR 6.8, MK14, AK-47, and FAD News 7

News 7 XboxAhoy makes some of the best weapon guides you’ll ever see. In fact he was hired to produce some videos for Call of Duty’s Elite service, which you can find under the “Elite TV”.  In today’s guide, we feature the last 5 unlocks in the assault rifles tier, G36C, ACR 6.8, MK14, AK-47, and FAD. Click here in case you […]