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Weapon Balance Update In Store For Battlefield Hardline’s Next Patch, Here’s What’s Changing News 46

News 46 Efforts to deliver Battlefield Hardline’s first major weapon balance update are already in motion, according to Lead Multiplayer Designer Thad Sasser. “A lot of people have been providing feedback on the gameplay balance, and we’ve been looking at the data and feedback (as we always do),” he wrote in a recent forum post on the Battlelog. “I […]

Halo 4 – The Final State of Weapon Tuning, Update Incoming June 3 News 40

News 40 343 Industries is gearing up to launch a brand new multiplayer update for Halo 4 that will change up the way a lot of the game’s weaponry works across all War Games playlists. The studio has been working hard over the past few weeks to rebalance and fine tune almost every weapon available in the […]

Halo 4 Weapon Tuning Update Goes Live Across All Playlists This June News 24

News 24 As you may know, developers 343 Industries have been rigorously testing, tweaking, and tuning weapons in the Halo 4 sandbox as they work through a series of phases which will eventually bring about a significant weapon-focused update this June. According to the latest Halo Bulletin, the studio will be inviting a small group of community […]