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WoW Patch 7.3.5 Hits PTR, Allied Race Racials and Mounts Detailed News 0

News 0 World of Warcraft‘s latest patch is now available on the PTR. Update 7.3.5 focuses on Allied Race Racials and mounts. Find the list of Allied Race Racial highlights below: Lightforged Draenei The Lightforged Draenei are a new Alliance Allied Race coming in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. Racials – Light’s Judgement – Call down a […]

World of Warcraft Update Tweaks 13th Anniversary Event, Balances Items & More News 0

News 0 World of Warcraft‘s latest hotfix tweaks its 13th Anniversary Event, makes adjustments to several items, and more. For the full list of updates, see below: Dungeons and Raids – Siege of Orgrimmar – Paragons of the Klaxxi and Siegecrafter Blackfuse are much better hosts and no longer lock their doors if you leave the raid […]

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Expansion Revealed, New Features Listed News 0

News 0 World of Warcraft is set to receive a new expansion called “Battle for Azeroth.” It will feature many new quests, as well as a level cap increase to 120.  Here’s all the details revealed thus far: Explore Two Fabled Kingdoms: As a champion of the Horde, travel to the Zandalar empire to persuade the trolls to lend their naval might. […]