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PC-Exclusive FPS Blacklight: Retribution On Its Way To Consoles News 47

News 47 Blacklight: Retribution creators Zombie Studios hope to introduce the title to the console audience. Negotiating with Perfect World Entertainment, publishers of the PC version of BL:R, Zombie Studios recently earned worldwide rights for a console iteration of the title. Studio Creative Head Jared Gerritzen said in a press release, “Reacquiring the console rights to Blacklight: […]

MP Games You Might Have Missed – Special Forces: Team X News 6

News 6 If their glowing success with Blacklight: Retribution is any indication of something, it’s that Zombie Studios knows how to make good games.  Special Forces: Team X (STX) is no exception to that. When I complimented Jared Gerritzen (Studio Head/Creative Director at Zombie Studios) latest effort in STX, he had this to say: FINALLY!  A developer that knows […]

Multiplayer Games You Might Have Missed, Week 1 – Blacklight: Retribution News 36

News 36 This is a weekly article I’ll be doing about multiplayer games that have been quietly making a splash. Let Lefty know we sent you! Blacklight: Retribution, a free-to-play game on Steam developed by Zombie Studios, is one of those FPS titles that really makes me think, why the hell isn’t CoD like this!  Everything I’ve seen of […]