MP Games You Might Have Missed – Special Forces: Team X

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If their glowing success with Blacklight: Retribution is any indication of something, it’s that Zombie Studios knows how to make good games.  Special Forces: Team X (STX) is no exception to that.

When I complimented Jared Gerritzen (Studio Head/Creative Director at Zombie Studios) latest effort in STX, he had this to say:


FINALLY!  A developer that knows better than to fight for my attention by making “bigger” and “better” games than everyone else and making games that are actually just plain fun.  Don’t worry, STX is no goofball of a half-baked game, it’s well done, solid overall, and is easily worth the $15 cost of pickup.

While STX might not be the next COD, it’s not the next Brink either.  STX caters to people that like online shooters, but don’t like the stress of worrying about killstreaks or stats.  It’s a plain, simple, and fun shooter that’s easy to pick up but hard to put down, especially when playing with friends.

If you’ve hit the mid-season boredom stage of the most recent fall shooter market or are just looking for a good time, buy STX.  You might not walk away with a lifetime of memories, but it’s solid gameplay and interesting take on map design will keep you coming back for more, even after some “other” game’s DLC drops, which will probably cost as much as STX does anyway.

Buy on Xbox 360 here
Buy on Steam here