Multiplayer Games You Might Have Missed, Week 1 – Blacklight: Retribution

This is a weekly article I’ll be doing about multiplayer games that have been quietly making a splash.

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Blacklight: Retribution, a free-to-play game on Steam developed by Zombie Studios, is one of those FPS titles that really makes me think, why the hell isn’t CoD like this!  Everything I’ve seen of it makes it look like a very slick, simple, and overall fun game.  The controls look intuitive, the animations look great, the sound design is really cool, and in general this looks like one of those games with a future.

The customization system takes a hint from RPGs (the games, not the launcher) and makes picking your class less about what weapon has the best recoil and more about picking parts for your weapon that suit your playstyle.  This is a mechanic that is slowly creeping its way into the major titles (BOII) and it’s really nice to see a small title proving the idea is sound.

Sadly, I can’t play BL:R because I don’t have a PC (building one this winter), but the buzz around BL:R makes it out to be a great game with a few minor balance issues.  If you have the time and space to download it, I highly suggest you do, because, well, it’s free and awesome!

Check it out on the Steam store!

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