New PS5 Update Released Today November 25

PS5 Devkit

If you thought Sony would be letting up on releasing firmware updates when next-gen rolls around, you’re dead wrong. Sony has released the new PS5 update firmware patch that brings more of what people expect, which is stability improvements.

New PS5 Update

  • Stability Improvements

That’s basically it. Hopefully, this means less crashes for gamers everywhere, as that’s one issue the PS5 seems to be running into for some.

In addition to the firmware update, those upgrading their games via disc from the PS4 to PS5 might want to read this. You might also want to install games offline for a faster install time, too.

If you spot any changes that’s not related to stability, let us know down below. We’ll also be keeping an eye out in case this brings specific changes we can talk about.

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