There Is a Hidden PS5 Web Browser and Here’s How to Access It

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Do you surf the web on your PS4? For those that do, unfortunately you can’t really do that on the PS5, as it doesn’t have a built-in web browser. However, there is a PS5 web browser workaround that lets you visit websites on the console, though it’s limited in function.

On the PS5 subreddit, user D_Ashido has posted how to have a functioning PS5 web browser!

My friends and I were discussing how the PS5 has settings for a Web Browser, but no actual dedicated Web Browser App. You can enable and disable cookies and other misc. options from the full settings menu.

We quickly discovered the web browser is accessible! All you have to do is have a friend send you a PS message to a search engine such as “”. From your PS5, click on the google link and it will open up a browser window that has a locked address bar. If you can access your particular website from Google search, you can go to it with this method.

Furthermore, you can even pin this make-shift browser to the side of your screen similar to the new Share Screen ability. If you pin it, pressing the quick menu will force the browser to appear as an activity card that you can click to gain edit access to it again. The options button will give you access to a variety of browser controls such as Refresh, Forward, Backward, Zoom, etc.

HTML5 works in this browser currently as Youtube videos and other video sites were working flawlessly.

For anyone that needed quick access to walkthrough sites while gaming; enjoy! There is currently no “Favorites”, or bookmarks support. I’m sure Sony is working on a complete browser experience, but if they aren’t then at least we have this for now.

Those in certain parts of the globe, the PS5 is now available in your region! If you’re one of the new PS5 owners, make sure to share this post so other people who want to browse on their PS5, can do so.

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