PS5 Digital Edition Buyers Mistakenly Get Disc Version Instead

ps5 digital edition

In case you didn’t know, there are two variants to Sony’s next-gen console the PS5. There’s the digital-only version that retails for $399, and there’s the one with a Blu-ray disc drive that goes for $499. For some lucky PS5 digital edition buyers, it looks like they managed to save $100, as they got the disc version without shelling the extra $100!

Over on Twitter, multiple people have posted how they were accidentally sent the disc-based version even if they ordered the digital edition PS5.

Ordered Digital version but got sent the physical disc version. from PS5

Like many others it seems, I ordered digital but got the disk PS5. My PS5 is super loud though anyone know how support will work with the mixup? from PS5

Given how hard it is to get a PS5, I doubt these people would want to send theirs back to get the digital edition instead (and you got the more expensive version for free too).

For those who plan on buying a PS5, it looks like Sony included a “special gift” in it! Stay tuned to our PS5 game reviews hitting the site soon.

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