Amazing Battlefield 4 Fan-Made Film Is a Cinematic Experience You Don’t Want to Miss

Simply put, we are blown away by this fan-made Battlefield 4 film called “Through My Eyes” that was recently brought to our attention.

Throw on some headphones, turn up the resolution, full-screen it up, and give this bad boy a good viewing. The camera work is impeccable, the music is effective, the editing is astounding, and the visual are, of course, top notch. Show this to any non-gamer and they’ll immediately ask you when is it hitting theaters.

In addition, check out these high-resolution test shots captured during the filming of the project.

Huge props to “The Two Scotsmen” for this putting this amazing cinematic experience together. Without a doubt, we can’t wait to see more in the future.

Thanks, Ryan, for the tip!

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