Battlefield 5 Basic Training Mode Added, Watch DICE Teach Players How to Play Battlefield

battlefield 5 basic training

Well, here’s something that the Battlefield franchise desperately needed for a long time: DICE has added a Battlefield 5 Basic Training mode to the game, which is live now! Think of it as a crash course on how to play Battlefield 5 properly more than anything else. In the video below, “Father of Battlefield” Lars Gustavsson explains how to play Conquest, how to combat armored vehicles, resupply and more.

It also talks about each class’ abilities and what their strengths are, where to spawn and more. More importantly, it teaches how to go for objectives and what to do in order to cap a flag.

Of course, no amount of training videos will make people go for the objectives if all they want is to lie down in the grass with their MMGS. Who knows, though, right? Maybe this will help people actually try and play for their team.

In other Battlefield 5 news, a ton of new stuff was unearthed via datamining from the game’s latest patch.

Soldiers, show this to your friends, family and everyone else who plays Battlefield.

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4 years ago

Can we get a “Training Mode” to teach players to use their Classes PROPERLY? Gets tiresome seeing a half dozen Medics running around, and NOT reviving team mates. Then they moan and bitch that “team sucks” and the team loses the round.

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