Battlefield 5 Halloween Weapon Set, Private Games Code, “Extreme Weather” Playlist Datamined

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With Battlefield 5 getting a pretty hefty patch this past Tuesday, that means another round of datamined info is sure to surface, and it indeed has! A lot has been datamined by reliable miner temporyal with chief among them are the Battlefield 5 Halloween weapon set, game code for Private Games, and lots more.

Before anyone dives in, remember that these are all datamined info and are not guaranteed will make it into the game, alright?

Check out gameplay of the Madsen MG, Welrod and Barbed Baseball Bat below.

Operation Underground Weekly Challenges

The launch of Operation Underground seems to be accompanied by four additional weekly challenges including new weapons and a gadget as rewards.

These weeks could a standalone bundle without any chapter connection (and therefore no ranks and chapter rewards) or just an addition to Chapter 4.

Operation Underground Map Description:

“Within the narrow tunnels of the German underground railway, passenger and supply trains are halted when artillery fire ruptures the ground above causing both sides to navigate through the confined space to reach the other side.” (Ingame)

Week 1

Reward: Jungle Carbine / Lee Enfield No. 5 (Bolt-Action Carbine / Medic)

“A shortened version of the ubiquitous Lee Enfield No. 4, this carbine was originally developed for use by paratroopers requiring a compact weapon. It was in wartime service for decades after World War II and variants of the design see civilian use to this day.” (Ingame)


VISIONS OF THE END: Play 1 round on Operation Underground.

WHAT ONE CAN DO: Resupply or heal teammates for X score in one round.

FUEL THE FLAMES: Earn X score reviving, healing and resupplying teammates.

GET UP AND GET GOING: Revive X teammates in one life.

SHAKE THE FOUNDATION: Inflict X damage using explosives.

DAMAGE DEALER: Inflict X damage.

REVERBERATE: Inflict X damage in one life.

A LINE IN THE SAND: Capture X objectives.

REAPER: Kill X enemies.

UP TO THE TASK: Complete X squad orders in one life.

LIKE RATS IN A MAZE: Earn X score on Operation Underground.

CONCRETE JUNGLE: Kill X enemies with headshots using the No. 5 Jungle Carbine.

Week 2

Reward: unknown

Note: Maybe we’ll get the C96 Trench Carbine in this week, maybe not…feel free to assume the worst.


TWO KINDS OF PEOPLE: Make it to the last 32 in a round of Firestorm or win a round of any other game mode.

SERIAL RUMMAGER: As a squad open X strongboxes or safes in Firestorm.

GEAR UP: Equip armor plates in Firestorm X times.


LET THE SUNSHINE IN: As a squad, open 1 vehicle lockup in Firestorm.

WHAT IS MINE IS MINE: Capture 1 Resupply Point in Firestorm.

KEEP MOVING: Capture X objectives.

NO TIME TO BLEED: Heal yourself or squadmates for X points of health in Firestorm.

MUTUAL SUPPORT: Revive squadmates or be revived by squadmates X times.

WRATH: Kill or down X enemies.

Week 3

Reward: Dutch Madsen / Madsen Mini (LMG / Support)

“The Madsen machine gun saw service in both world wars, having been the first light machine gun in the world when introduced in 1902. A particularly compact variant of the weapon was used by Dutch colonial forces in the inter-war period.” (Ingame)

Madsen gameplay on Youtube:


WHAT A RUSH: Play 1 round of Rush.

BUNKER BUSTER: Win 1 round of Rush on Operation Underground.

WORTH DYING FOR: As a squad kill X enemies while attacking or defending objectives.

FIREBUG: Arm 1 objective.

DOUSED: Defuse 1 objective.

ADRENALINE ADDICT: Earn X score in Rush.

GLORY HOUNDS: Earn X score as Recon or Assault.

DIRTY WORK: Earn X score as Medic or Support.


BIG LITTLE GUN: Suppress or kill X enemies using the Dutch Madsen.

Week 4

Reward: Fliegerfaust (Gadget / probably Assault)

“A German prototype man-portable anti-aircraft launcher. Fires two salvos of unguided rockets.” (Ingame)

Fliegerfaust gameplay on Twitter:


WHAT REALLY MATTERS: Earn X objective score.

THE WHITES OF THEIR EYES: Kill 1 enemy from a distance of up to 15 meters.

TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Inflict X damage using the M.95, MAB38, or M28 con Tromboncino.


KING OF THE HILL: Kill X enemies while attacking or defending objectives.

SANITÄTER! SONNY TATER?: Revive X teammates in one life as a Medic.

PARAMEDIC: Revive X teammates.

FALLSCHIRMJÄGERWAFFEN: Kill or down X enemies using the MP40, Kar98 or MG34.

A GAME OF NUMBERS: Heal teammates or damage enemies for X health.

FAUST THAT FLIEGER: Destroy an enemy airplane using the Fliegerfaust.

“Halloween” Epic Weapon Set

I’ve included this weapon set because of the obvious timing (end of October) between Chapter 4 and 5. Currently the Halloween set can be applied to the Lewis Gun, STEN, StG44 and Lee Enfield No. 4.

Private Games (RSP)

Patch 4.4 included a few self explanatory strings for the hopefully upcoming Private Games (RSP) system.

  • SELECT GAME MODES & MAPS: Here you can configure the number of rotations the game has. A rotation consists of a Game Mode and a Map. You must at least configure one rotation before you can create the game.
  • PASSWORD: Select a 4 digit passcode for your Private Game.
  • Select the minimum number of players that need to join to start the game.
  • Changing the game size will reset selected game modes & maps.

Sandstorm on Hamada

New Playlist: Extreme Weather

The string “ID_M_MIX_EXTREMEWEATHER” could be a sign for a playlist containing map versions with extreme weather conditions.

Battle for Greece / Grand Operations

No updates so far but I’ve spotted a recent addition called “AirborneNew” to a game mode list. This could be a hint for a revised version of Grand Operations and therefore I guess we shouldn’t expect the “Battle for Greece” coming before a potential rework…

Check out some of the other info regarding gadgets and such that were originally set to be in the now-canned 5v5 mode.

Will we see these stuff in the game? I gather, the Halloween set is a safe bet, and the Operation Underground challenges should be included as well.

Check out the Battlefield 5 weekly challenges and rewards for this week, right here.