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Latest Path Of Exile Update Takes Aim at Fixing Desecrate Issue News 0

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After finally providing some quality of life fixes to the Specter builds in Path Of Exile, Grinding Gear Games is yet again listening to the voices of the community. The latest patch is set to simultaneously go live for the both the PC and Xbox One platforms for Path Of Exile, changes the way on […]

Latest Path Of Exile Patch Adds Persistent Specters and More News 0

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With what felt like an eternity for the Path Of Exile community who’ve been addressing their concern over the specter builds being a hassle to play. Have had their voices finally heard with the recently released Path Of Exile patch that’s now available on the PC platform. The Path of Exile patch sees the specter […]

Path Of Exile Update for Xbox One Introduces Numerous Fixes News 0

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Do you enjoy summoning slain monsters or simply trading your loot with other players to turn a profit? If so, the latest update for the Xbox One version of the popular action-RPG, Path Of Exile is set to make your experiences a bit easier from now on. The recently deployed 3.0.2 patch for the Xbox […]