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Call of Duty: WWII PS4 Pre-Load Begins October 27, EU PSN Store Confirms News 0

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With Call of Duty: WWII pre-loading on Xbox One having now begun, many PlayStation 4 owners have been wondering when they’ll be able to download the game in order to play immediately at launch. Well, it looks like we now have the answer! Twitter user @ItIsBeezo snapped a photo of the EU PSN Store, which clearly states: […]

Call of Duty: WWII Won’t Feature Attack Dogs Sledgehammer Confirms News 0

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With Call of Duty: WWII getting more leaks than a beat-down old roof, some might have assumed that the Attack Dogs scorestreak will make the cut. Well, that won’t be happening at all according to Sledgehammer Games boss Michael Condrey.  Over on Twitter, Condrey confirmed this to a fan, and said that there’s “lots of […]

Call of Duty: WWII Pre-Load Now Up on Xbox One, File Size Revealed News 0

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While we posted that the Call of Duty: WWII pre-load on PlayStation 4 is said to be live on November 1, it seems Xbox One gamers have a bit of a head start — at least on pre-loading the game. Reddit user Zm_Mexico_Idgun has posted a screenshot of the Call of Duty: WWII pre-load on Xbox […]

Report: Call of Duty: WWII Xbox One X 4K and HDR Support Confirmed News 1

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While the Call of Duty franchise has switched bed mates and is now aligned with Sony’s PlayStation brand for everything, that doesn’t mean the other versions won’t take advantage of every technical power each platform has.  Enter the Xbox One X; with the console said to be the most “powerful console” according to Microsoft, it’s understandable […]

Call of Duty: WWII Live Action Trailer Reassembles the Squad (Update) News 0

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Update: There are three “Reassemble!” trailers in total. This post has been updated to include all of them Original story: We’re just under three weeks away from the launch of Call of Duty: WWII. As the excitement increases and the anticipation becomes unbearable for fans, Sledgehammer Games has released one of their final teases. It comes in […]

Report: Call of Duty: WWII Pre-Load Starts November 1 News 1

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Those excited to strap your boots back on and get into the gritty world of Call of Duty: WWII, here’s some relatively good news: it seems the COD: WWII pre-load date is on November 1, which means you have two full days to download the client before the game is officially out. The date was […]

Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Mode Leak Mentions Bonus Map, Hints at First Zombies DLC News 0

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While we reported on a massive Call of Duty: WWII Zombies mode leak a week ago that detailed the weapons, features and more, there seems to be another COD: WWII Zombies mode info leak, and this one might be bordering on spoiler territory. YouTube channel TheGamingRevolution posted a video where it talks about the said […]

Call of Duty: WWII Basic Training List, Game Modes, Ranked Play & More Leaked News 0

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In the WWII Beta we were allowed access to 14 of the seemingly 37 Basic Trainings that will be available in the Full Build. Below is a list of all Basic Trainings and a Description of each. These were extremely messy in the game source, so expect errors. Hustle Reload faster and while sprinting. Gunslinger […]

Get This Free and Hidden Call of Duty: WWII Calling Card Now by Following These Steps News 2

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Who doesn’t want free stuff, right? If you’re looking forward to Call of Duty: WWII, then you might want to do this super simple steps in order to get a free COD: WWII Calling Card! Unearthed by Reddit user iM1CKEY-, this little mission has you not only getting a free COD: WWII Calling Card as […]

Call of Duty: WWII Kontrol Freek Includes Exclusive Division Calling Card News 0

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For those looking to buy some accessorizes for their controllers, and looking forward to Call of Duty: WWII, you might want to give Kontrol Freeks’ thumbstick grips a look since you’ll also be getting a free and exclusive Divisions Calling Card. Priced at $17.99, the FPS Freek Call of Duty: WWII thumbsticks are available for […]

Call of Duty: WWII Video Explains Prestige Mode News 0

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Posting on Pixel Enemy, I’ve shared a video that explains Call of Duty: WWII Prestige mode, and what we’ve learned from the various info leaks. Click “play” on the video above to give it a watch, and be sure to leave any thoughts of your own in the comments below. “This is Mack, for Pixel Enemy, here to talk […]

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