Xbox Series X Load Times Show Impressive Speed for Backwards Compatible Games

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Here’s a closer look at some of the impressive Xbox Series X load times for titles that were built for the Xbox One, and gamers should be very pleased at how current-gen games are benefitting a lot with the new tech!

Head on below for the list of games tested so far (via YouTuber Austin Evans and The Verge), and the differences between loading the game on current and next-gen consoles.

Using an early preview unit and giving gamers a first-hand impression of the system, Evans gives us a quick run on the Xbox Series X|S specs and details — with games running at 4k 60fps, incorporating ray tracing, and most importantly having access to fast load times thanks to the new SSD drive that is built into the new console. The games Evans tests range from newer titles like Forza Horizon that have patches for 4k compatibility on the Series X to older classics like Gears of War that are part of of the Xbox Series X Game Pass. This shows the remarkable differences and potential in playing games with backwards compatibility, and the load times speak a lot about that as demonstrated in the video above.

Here’s the list of games played on the Xbox Series X and comparing the load times to its predecessor systems in the Xbox One X and Xbox One.

Forza Horizon

  • Xbox Series X – 0:10:14
  • Xbox One X – 0:45:31
  • Xbox One – 0:53:37

Halo 5

  • Xbox Series X – 0:08:58
  • Xbox One X – 0:33:22
  • Xbox One – 0:26:33

Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Xbox Series X – 0:37:00
  • Xbox One X – 1:37:43
  • Xbox One – 1:38:03

Gears of War

  • Xbox Series X – 0:06:42
  • Xbox One X – 0:10:22
  • Xbox One – 0:10:57

Call of Duty: Warzone

  • Xbox Series X – 16 seconds
  • Xbox One X – 21 seconds

Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Xbox Series X – 52 seconds
  • Xbox One X – 1 min  35 seconds

The Outer Worlds

  • Xbox Series X – 6 seconds
  • Xbox One X – 27 seconds

Evil Within 2

  • Xbox Series X – 33 seconds
  • Xbox One X – 43 seconds

Sea of Thieves

  • Xbox Series X – 20 seconds
  • Xbox One X – 1 min 21 seconds


  • Xbox Series X – 25 seconds
  • Xbox One X – 1 min  31 seconds

AC: Odyssey

  • Xbox Series X – 30 seconds
  • Xbox One X – 1 min 7 seconds

No Man’s Sky

  • Xbox Series X – 1 min, 27 seconds
  • Xbox One X – 2 mins 13 seconds

Destiny 2

  • Xbox Series X – 43 seconds 1 min
  • Xbox One X – 52 seconds

Overall, it looks like the Xbox Series X is capable of cutting load times in half, with some titles reaching even higher. This certainly is am impressive feat. from the console, and what’s more that there are also noticeable increases in FPS and other areas for backwards compatible titles. This should certainly get some Xbox fans excited come the November 10 launch. If you want to learn more about the consoles be sure to read up on the Xbox Series X|S specs and what’s included in the box.

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