Anthem Combos Using Primers and Detonators Explained in One Handy Graphic


While Anthem might seem like your typical third-person shooter at first glance, the game’s combat system is a lot more nuanced than simply pointing a gun, and shooting at a target. Sure, that’ll work, but if you want to inflict massive damage on the game’s enemies, you’ll want to learn how to properly do Anthem combos.

In Anthem, abilities are categorized into two paths, and they are “primers” and “detonators.” Each character has a specialty in terms of gear and whether they’re good at priming enemies, and/or detonating ’em. If you’re unfamiliar with how it works, or need a quick guide, you’re in luck! Thanks to Twitter user/YouTuber FireDragon04 has designed a quick and handy graphic that explains Anthem combos, and how to tell if an ability is a primer or detonator! Check the image below (thanks to Matt Needler for giving us permission to use it!).

What’s awesome here is, the graphic above can be used in the demo set to start later today, and in the final game! Handy, right?

In other Anthem news, you can check out details regarding the demo right here. We also posted our hands-on impressions if you’re interested, and even wrote up a feature on what we think the game needs to improve on based on the demo.

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PS4 and X1
PS4 and X1
5 years ago

Thanks for this handy graphic!!! I was wondering what all those icons meant on the UI, and didn’t know how and when to best use combos.

Game seems deeper than some are giving Bioware credit for. Looking forward to crafting weapons and endgame content in full release.

Going to be interesting weekend – and I wasn’t even looking forward to Anthem, until after playing the demo – now, its so much fun, I can’t wait for release.

Thanks again for the primers and detonators graphic.

Reply to  PS4 and X1
5 years ago

It is so much deeper. If you consistently use the primer and detonator stuff, you’ll get to earn your ultimate much faster.

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