Anthem Demo Connection Problems Not a Server Issue, Fans Clamoring for Demo Extension Due to Outage

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If you’ve been frantically trying to log in to the Anthem VIP demo since it went live earlier today, then you’re part of a large group of gamers (including me) that  are stuck watching a screen that tries and tries to connect to servers but fails constantly but fails to do so.

We’re a few hours in, and sadly, things haven’t improved. BioWare ia aware of the Anthem demo connection problems though, and studio boss Casey Hudson has went on Twitter to verify that it’s not a server capacity issue, but something else entirely.

If you fail to read the subtweet, the official EA Help support Twitter mentions that login issues are now happening in ALL of EA’s games and services, which includes the Anthem demo.

As expected, the Anthem community is not happy with how things are going down for the Anthem VIP demo’s first day of availability. Over on the Anthem subreddit, fans are demanding that the Anthem VIP demo date be extended given the issues players have had connecting. While there’s no confirmation that we’ll get an extra day or two, a BioWare dev at least acknowledged that they want to fix the current issues first before they start talking about extending the current VIP demo.

Given that the Anthem VIP demo is exclusive to pre-order buyers and media, I shudder to think how this will all go down next week when the demo is open to everyone.

Have you been able to connect to Anthem? And do you think EA should issue an extra day or two due to the current outage?

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  1. One foot in the grave and its a month from launch. Just beautiful, can’t wait for thing game to die and for EA to have to stand up on stage at E3 this year to reassure people they are in fact going to start making games that people want again, like Microsoft had to last year.

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