Here’s the Complete Anthem Map Pieced Together

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Just last week, we posted our first look at the Anthem map, though it wasn’t the entire thing. Well, now, we have the complete Anthem map, which was pieced together by Reddit user SkrillRKnight.

Full disclosure though, BioWare has not mentioned if there are other areas, or how vertical the map is given that javelins can fly and submerge themselves underwater to traverse new areas as we can plainly see in some of the gameplay.

I don’t want to judge given we don’t even know the proportion of the arrow to actual player, but so far, it doesn’t look that big, no? Of course, if its teeming with wildlife and there are tons of activities to do in the game’s open world, the size itself shouldn’t matter, right?

Are you OK with the Anthem map so far or you think it’s a tad too small? Do you think BioWare will add new playable areas post-launch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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