Anthem Seasonal Events Confirmed, Microtransactions Still Planned to Be Cosmetics Only

anthem seasonal events

With Anthem entering the shared world shooter experience that was made popular by games like Destiny, and The Division, one of the main selling points here is that these titles are constantly evolving, and are frequently updated either for content, game balance, or just to add an event or two to keep players engaged.

For those hoping to see Anthem seasonal events like a Halloween event, and a Christmas one during the holidays, BioWare just confirmed the game will have these sort of stuff post-launch! In an interview, Lead Producer Mike Gamble confirmed this, and even compared it to Blizzard’s Overwatch.

So kind of a silly question here: my favorite thing in these kinds of games is seasonal events–Halloween events, Christmas events–are you planning on having those kinds of things in Anthem?

MG: Definitely. I love that stuff too, that’s one of the reasons I’m still playing Overwatch so many years out is because of the events and the effort that they put into those.

In the same interview, Gamble was asked about Anthem’s microtransactions, and whether anything changed regarding its direction or if it’s still cosmetics only.

So then I guess the question is–in a game like this, you [usually] have to monetize it usually to keep it sustainable. What’s the plan there, is it cosmetics only…?

MGIt’s still cosmetics, yes. We feel that if people are interested in playing the game, that they’ll want to express themselves through cosmetics, and that there’s enough there in the cosmetic system, and enough customization for them to really dig into it. 

Note that BioWare has confirmed that all story-related DLC will be free, which might, and should, further entice the Anthem player base to spring for cosmetics with real world money.

In other Anthem news, the VIP demo is starting tomorrow, and if you’re a part of it, go check out how to download the client, as well as the Friends Pass right here.

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