Anthem Will Have Purchasable Emotes, We’ll See How Currency Works in the Demo

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It’s no secret that Anthem microtransactions will be a thing. While BioWare has come out and confirmed that all single-player DLC will be free, some might be wondering how the studio will handle in-game purchases.

Well, we now have confirmation that Anthem emotes will be part of the microtransactions initiative. Over on Twitter, Lead Producer Ben Irving was asked if there was going to be purchasable emotes in the game, to which he answered with a straight-to-the-point “yes.”

Chances are, emotes won’t be the only thing we’ll be able to purchase in Anthem with real world money, but at least it won’t affect game balance in any way, right?

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In a semi-related note, Game Director Jonathan Warner has also confirmed that we’ll see how the game currency works in the upcoming demo. We already know these will be called “Coins,” and BioWare promises “no bait and switch.”

Don’t forget, the VIP demo will take place this January 25 for those who pre-order the game. For more on Anthem, make sure to bookmark our Anthem game hub for the latest Anthem news.

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