Anthem VIP Demo Preload Is Live, Here Are the Demo and Friend Pass Download Links

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When BioWare said that the Anthem VIP demo preload would start on January 23, the studio wasn’t kidding! While it’s the wee hours of January 23, that hasn’t stopped EA from rolling out the Anthem VIP demo client out.

Below are the links for the Anthem VIP demo preload, and as well as the Friend Pass, which will let one VIP demo member invite three other people to form a full squad.

If you need help redeeming the Anthem VIP demo code, and how it works, check our super quick guide here.

Friend Pass Referral Link – Invite Up to Three Friends to Join Anthem VIP Demo Members (Need to be logged in to EA account)

For PC users, there seems to be a little snag on how to access the demo (it’s currently bugging out), but Reddit user UbiasedBrownsFan has found a quick workaround:

Origin Anthem VIP Demo Download Link (NA)

1) sign out of origin on the WEBSITE as above.

2) search for anthem (regular game)

3) click game

4) click try it first button EZ PZ

Got that? Good. The Anthem VIP demo will be going live this January 25, and you can be sure MP1st will be covering the game like white on rice.

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In other Anthem news, go check out the differences between the demo and the final build, right here. BioWare has also explained why they’re doing a demo, and they confirmed that we’ll see how the in-game currency works in the demo, too.

If you’re running into issues downloading the VIP demo, let us know what the issue is below, and we’ll try to helop