Anthem Had Over 40 Million Hours of Playtime During the 2 Demo Weekends

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The Anthem demo has come and gone, and thankfully, the technical issue we’ve experienced during the private demo were practically non-existent. This feat hasn’t escaped BioWare, as the studio has posted a new blog post about this and more.

According to BioWare Head of Live Services Chad Robertson, the “war rooms” at BioWare were tranquil this weekend since there wasn’t any major issues. What’s even more impressive here is, there were over 40 million hours of playtime in the game across the two demo sessions (private, public)! Not bad, no? Not bad; especially considering the first demo weekend had a lot of issues that prevent people from playing.

If you want to see some of the user-created javelins, head on over here.

In other Anthem news, BioWare has mentioned that they want to add more Stronghold missions as soon as possible, and it’ll be free.

For PC players, don’t forget that BioWare has overhauled the controls for the final launch build version which you can read about here.