Anthem Livestream Happening This Halloween

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While BioWare has been silent on the Anthem front officially the past few months, that’s about to change next week! Are you ready to watch some live Anthem gameplay? Hell yeah, right? BioWare has confirmed that it will be doing an Anthem livestream this coming Halloween!

Over on Twitter, Lead Producer at BioWare Michael Gamble tweeted that he and Ben Irving (another Lead Producer) will be doing some Anthem livestream for the fans this coming Halloween! Gamble mentions they’re going to grab a “random build” and hopefully, it won’t crash during the Anthem livestream.

This is definitely a huge step for BioWare, as most fans have been asking for new gameplay morsels to chew over given how February 2019i is fast approaching.

For more on Anthem, check out the available javelin types and their abilities here. For those who want to get in your face against enemies, a melee build has been confirmed by BioWare as well.

Are you excited for the Anthem livestream? Once we hear of it, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.

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