Anthem Will Have a Melee Build for Characters, Here’s What the Revive Looks Like Now

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With Anthem melding both the RPG and action genres into one, some might be wondering just how diverse we can make our freelancers in the game. Sure, we already saw what kind of javelins will be available at launch, and what they can do, but did you know that an Anthem melee build is also in the cards?

This was revealed by Ben Irving, Lead Producer on Anthem, over on Twitter, where he shared that BioWare has decided to make some gear for the Interceptor javelin class for a melee build.

That should be interesting to see, no? Also of note, Michael Gamble, also a Lead Producer on Anthem, shared what the Anthem revive screen looks like, and given that javelins are suits (or mechs), it’s apt that it says “repair in progress” when being helped by teammates.

Looks better than your standard revive screen, right? In other Anthem news, don’t expect cross-platform play to be available at launch. However, you can expect players to be able to fly around any time they want to even in boss fights.

Will you consider creating a melee build for Anthem or would that be too challenging?

Anthem will fly out this February 22, 2019, on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.