Bandai Namco New Game Tease Features a Microwave GIF

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A new Bandai Namco website has popped up, currently dedicated to displaying a single GIF. The animation shows a microwave, and then an egg-like object falling out of it. We’re then shown “10 days left”, which is presumably a countdown to a big reveal.

Take a look at the GIF for yourself below:

USgamer seems to think the egg in the microwave is a reference to the “My Hero Academia” anime. During episode 5 of season 1, the character All Might tells the protagonist that “he must imagine his superpower like an egg in a microwave.”

The website URL also contains this sequence of letters: “MHAOJ”. Those first three letters fit perfectly with the “My Hero Academia” theory.

What do you make of this? Think it’s going to be a “My Hero Academia” game, or a completely different title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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Source: MHAOJ via USgamer