Battlefield 1 Content Calendar Up to Early 2018 Revealed

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While EA fired off a bunch of news regarding Battlefield 1 during its gamescom press conference earlier today, some smaller bits of info might have flown by if you weren’t paying attention.

One of these bits if info that flashed for a few seconds was the Battlefield 1 content calendar.  As part of the announcement for Battlefield 1’s “Revolution,” DICE showed the BF1 content calendar from now up to early 2018. As people can expect, Battlefield 1 Premium content drops are part of the plan, but there’s a few things worth noting such as the November update, which hints at a major balance patch, and the “Operation Campaign” update hitting in October.

If you want a taste of Battlefield 1 Premium, don’t forget, there’s a free trial on-going now. For EU PlayStation 4 players, you can even snag BF1 Premium for 40 percent off the base price for a limited time.

Are you happy with DICE’ post-release content rollout for Battlefield 1? Or is leaning too much for Premium members?

Source: Battlefield subreddit