PSA: Battlefield 1 on PSN Is Less Than $5 for North America

battlefield 1 ps4 sale digital

If you still haven’t bought Battlefield 1, then now might be the perfect time to do so even if Battlefield V is just a month out from release. Why? Well, there’s a Battlefield 1 PS4 sale on the North America PlayStation Store right now!

If you click the PlayStation Store link, it will direct you to the page where Battlefield 1 is only at $4.79 for the base game! Best hurry though, the deal only lasts until October 30, 2018. And yes, you’ll need an active PlayStation Plus membership to play online multiplayer.

Don’t forget that there’s a “Road to Battlefield V” weekly challenge in Battlefield 1, that when completed, will grant the player rewards for both BF1 and BFV! And it’s not a bad idea to get this just in case Battlefield V isn’t your cup of tea, right? At least you’ll have an alternative Battlefield game that still has a healthy player base.

In other Battlefield news, don’t forget to check out this clip of a DICE developer killing off enemies in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with awesome precision. It’s so awesome that he got banned for it!

For those playing Battlefield 1, how’s the player base so far?

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