Battlefield 2042 Ammo Types, Panhard Crab Vehicle, & Ortibal Map Modes Datamined

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While we haven’t seen any new official gameplay or details for Battlefield 2042 released this gamescom, there’s still new info surfacing thanks to dataminers. This time, we see some of the Battlefield 2042 ammo types players can use for their weapons, a new vehicle we’ve yet to see in the trailers, and more.

Once again, this is brought to us by reliable Battlefield dataminer temporyal, who dug up some interesting new info regarding DICE’s upcoming shooter.

Very interesting to see some of the controversial ammo types coming back. That said, we don’t know if all these will be in the game at launch or in its lifecycle, given it is datamined info after all, and nothing has been confirmed.

Another thing new datamined is the reference to the Panhard Crab vehicle.

Finally, a bunch of game modes that can be played on the Orbital map has surfaced too!

Again, just as a disclaimer, nothing here has been confirmed by DICE nor EA, so don’t be upset if we don’t see all the ammo types listed. These could be leftover code that wasn’t meant to be seen by regular joes like us.

For more datamined content, head on for the links below.

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