Battlefield 2042 Classic Maps From BF Portal to Be Added to All-Out Warfare Starting June 2, Here’s a Rundown of What’s Happening

Battlefield 2042 Classic Maps

While we’re just a few short days (weeks) away from Season 1 of Battlefield 2042, DICE isn’t waiting for that to kickoff before doing something regarding content and variety in gameplay, as the studio announced that Battlefield 2042 classic maps from Battlefield Portal are being added to All-Out Warfare!

Here’s the announcement made by the official Battlefield Direct Twitter account today:

You’ve also asked us to add Classic era maps to All-Out Warfare

So tomorrow, we’re making a change to the currently available playlists

Conquest 64 will be updated tomorrow with a new name, Exodus Conquest, and will now feature maps from Battlefield 3, and Bad Company in its rotations

🔹 Battlefield 3
Caspian Border
Noshahr Canals

🔸 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Arica Harbor

For our Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players, Exodus Conquest will appear as an additional playlist

On PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, it will replace the standard Conquest 64 playlist

That’s a huge win for those playing All-Out Warfare, as this means there are now four “new” maps to play BF2042 in! While this is good news, don’t forget, Season 1 will only add one new map to All-Out Warfare confirmed! Not only that, but DICE has also confirmed that BF2042’s third mode, Hazard Zone, will not be getting any new content at all.

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