Battlefield 2042 Cosmetic Items That Were Rewards in Weekly Missions Now Being Sold In-Game

Every week, DICE pushes out new cosmetic items as rewards for Battlefield 2042 players for completing weekly missions. It seems those who missed out on some of the stuff released then, you’ll be able to snag these Battlefield 2042 cosmetic items again, but it’ll cost you real-world money.

With Season 1: Zero Hour, DICE has brought BF2402’s in-game store online. While this gives players a chance to buy new cosmetic items if they wish, it seems some of the stuff for sale aren’t exactly new. YouTuber DANNYonPC has spotted and verified that some of the items being sold in the in-game store are items players can earn previously via the weekly missions!

As he explains, the bundles also contain new items, which players can then purchase at a discounted price if they own the items. Will this be a common occurence whenever the store refreshes the items it sells? I wouldn’t be surprised if it is, but I’m hoping it’s not. 

Speaking of weekly missions, go check out the weekly missions, Battle Pass rewards and more right here. While there’s no news yet regarding the next season of BF2042, it’s been confirmed recently that there will only be one new map incoming to All-Out Warfare.

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