Battlefield 2042 Featured Experience for Portal Is Gun Master (March 17 to March 24), TDM Points Increased

Battlefield 2042 Featured Experience

With today’s Battlefield 2042 weekly missions kicking off, DICE has also rolled out a new Battlefield 2042 Featured Experience for BF Portal, and it’s none other than Gun Master! In addition to that, Team Deathmatch points have been increased, too!

Battlefield 2042 Featured Experiences for March 17 to March 24:

  • 2042 Gun Master
  • BC2 vs. BF3 TDM
  • 2042 Rush
  • Conquest of Ages
  • Rush of Ages

In addition to that, Battlefield Community Manager Kevin Johnson alos confirmed that TDM points have been increased from 100 to 200!

TDM changes:

You’ve been asking us to look at the duration of TDM in Featured Experiences. We’ve done just that and increased the points from 100 to 200.

This should take the duration of a match beyond its current 7+ minutes.

Please keep that feedback coming regarding TDM!

Speaking of Battlefield Portal, don’t forget, disabling bots will give full XP and progression! Read up on that here. Stay tuned next week here on MP1st for the weekly mission in BF2042.

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