Battlefield 2042 Free Weekend & 34% Off on Steam Announced a Month After Launch

Battlefield 2042 Unreleased Christmas Skins

With just a month in since it launched, a Battlefield 2042 free weekend promotion is now on-going on PC via Steam. What’s more, the game is already on sale at the platform too, with potential buyers being enticed with a 34 percent discount.

Those interested, you can try the game out or purchase it at a lower price via the Battlefield 2042 Steam page, and this free weekend/trial promotion lasts until December 20. If would-be BF2042 players want to try it out right now, it’s the perfect time, as not only is there a Christmas event called “Attack of the Elves” on-going, but there’s even a playlist for next-gen that reduces the 128-player count to 64 players, which means PC players with crossplay on will be able to experience action in matches much quicker given the tighter areas of engagement and whatnot.

Is Battlefeld 2042 worth a purhcase at 34% off? Do you think gamers will enjoy the game enough to purchase it after they try the game? While we can’t answer that for sure, what we do know is that the game is currently sitting at a “Mostly Negative” review score on Steam with over 75,000 user reviews cast. Thankfully, BF2042 is an online-only game, which means DICE has plenty of time and changes to turn things around.

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