Battlefield 2042 Heli & Tank Gameplay, Ribbons First look

Battlefield 2042 heli gameplay

While we’ve already seen gameplay of Battlefield 2042 leak from the Tech Test, we really haven’t seen any from a vehicle’s perspective. If you’re someone who pilots choppers in Battlefield games frequently, or just prefer using tanks to decimate enemies. then you’ll want to check out the Battlefield 2042 heli gameplay video below, and there’s one featuring the tank too!

Battlefield 2042 heli gameplay:

Battlefield 2042 tank gameplay:

In addition to that, we now have our first look at what the Ribbons in Battlefield 2042 will look like! Here’s a screen via redditor bnarsalah_97:

Obviously, given these are leaked gameplay, there’s a chance that these will be pulled, so watch ’em ASAP! We’ll provide link out mirrors if we spot any. Same as with the first gameplay leakage we posted, remember that these were taken from a Tech Test build of the game, and as such, does not represent the final product.

Are you liking the vehicle action we’ve seen so far? It definitely brings back some Battlefield 3 and BF4 memories, which franchise fans should love.

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4 thoughts on “Battlefield 2042 Heli & Tank Gameplay, Ribbons First look

  1. am I the only one wishing that spawning into air vehicles should put you on the ground and then you have to take off? it’s so boring to just spawn in to an already-flying heli or jet.

    1. One thing I hated that they did is that. It needs to go back to how BF4 etc was. Hate that spawn in midair garbage

  2. It looks like bf v but modern day. I bet the turrets on the tanks still whizz around at unrealistic speeds if you have a mouse. It makes me feel sick watching mouse players, no one turns that fast on the spot with a weapon.

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