Battlefield 2042 Keyboard, Mouse Support for Consoles Not Planned by DICE; Explains Why Vault Weapons Have No New Attachments

Battlefield 2042 Controller Default Mapping Changes

With today’s Battlefield 2042 patch that ushered in title update 2.1, DICE has also aired the latest “Dev Corner” show, which usually airs when a big patch for the game is released. In it, the studio talks about the design decisions in the new title update, and the studio also confirmed that Battlefield 2042 keyboard, mouse controls for consoles aren’t in the cards, sadly.

This was confirmed by  Battlefield Community Manager Adam Freeman posting as PartWelsh in the Twitch chat of the latest Battlefield Dev Corner show.


In addition to that, while today’s update brought in new vault weapons in All-Out Warfare, DICE made it so that these old weapons from past games won’t get any new attachments. According to DICE Game Designer Alexander Formoso, adding the BF2042 gun attachments to the vault weapons will “take away” from the nostalgic elements of the weapons. 

Check out his explanation in the video clip below.

I do understand where Formoso is coming from, but at the same time, seeing these classic weapons get new attachments would have given ’em new life and a little bit more juice, no? 

Are you still holding out hope for Battlefield 2042 KBM support for consoles? Who knows though? Maybe we’ll get it in the following seasons, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. 

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1 year ago

Battlefield 2042 was such a let down. I have never looked at a Battlefield game and said “Man this game is just really bad” but here we are.

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