Battlefield 2042 LCMG and Tank Customization Datamined Info Surface

Battlefield 2042 LCMG

While we still haven’t heard any concrete news about the Battlefield 2042 beta (or anything else for that matter), there are loads more info being unearthed via datamining, and this time, it’s about the Battlefield 2042 LCMG attachments, and tank customization.

Once again, it’s thanks to reliable Battlefield dataminer temporyal, we now have an idea of what the attachments and customization are for the LCMG.

There’s also info regarding the M1A5 and T28 tanks as well. These are from the Tech Test that happened a few months ago.

Same as with any datamined info, there is no guarantee that all the stuff listed here wll be available in the game’s final version. Some of these could be outdated items leftover in the files and whatnot. Just a little disclaimer for anyone treating this as official info.

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