Battlefield 2042 PC Stuttering Happening & Breakthrough Ticket Counts Issue Surface via Update 4.1

Battlefield 2042 PC Stuttering

Earlier today, DICE rolled out the Battlefield 2042 May patch called Update 4.1. While the patch housed quite a large number of tweaks and improvements, it also seems to have brought with it, a few issues as well, with one of them being a Battlefield 2042 PC stuttering problem that a lot of players have reported on.

Over on the BF2042 subreddit, complaints about the BF2042 stutter lag issue have surfaced:

4.1 update has made my pc gaming laggy. from battlefield2042

DICE has acknowledged the Battlefield 2042 stutter issues for PC, and has also confirmed that it has appeared alongside patch 4.1!

Lead Community Manager Adam Freeman has mentioned that they don’t believe the issue is related to shader caching, and that they will be running tests overnight and expect news to be shared tomorrow on the steps to fix it.

If that’s not enough of a hassle, in patch 4.1, DICE changed All-Out Warfare’s (AOW) 128-player Breakthrough matches to just 64 players, which DICE says offers a “more tactical experience.”  Unfortunately, the ticket counts are not updating as intended in matches as intended, and the studio are investigating it.

Hopefully, all these issues that stemmed from patch 4.1 are resolved ASAP. As for the next title update, DICE has confirmed that it will coincide with the launch of Season 1, which is currently set for “early June.”

Have you encountered other issues that stemmed from patch 4.1? If so, leave a comment below, or send us an email ( and we’ll investigate it.

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