Battlefield 2042 PS4 and PS5 Pre-Load Now Live, Here’s Much Space You Need

Battlefield 2042 Down

While the Battlefield 2042 pre-load for Xbox gamers went live on November 6, PlayStation gamers can pre-load the game client now as well! Yes, the Battlefield 2042 PS4 and PS5 pre-load is now live, and here’s how much disk space you’ll need for each platform in order to download it to be ready at launch.

Battlefield 2042 PS4 and PS5 Pre-Load Sizes:

PS4 File Size: 42.77GB

PS5 File Size: 43.29GB

Oddly enough, the PS5 file is bigger, which is usually not the case given the platform’s enhanced compression tech. Don’t forget, these file sizes do NOT contain the day-one patch yet, so expect to add a bit more to that.

Battlefield 2042 is officially launching this November 19, though it will be playable in early access this November 12. Stay tuned here on MP1st for more BF2042 news this week.

Thanks, PlayStationGameSize!

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