Battlefield 2042 Season 6 Launches October 2023, “Redux” Brings Back Fan Fave Modes and More

New Battlefield 2042 Weekly Missions

As promised from yesterday’s announcement, DICE has announced what’s next for Battlefield 2042, and not only did we get confirmation that Battlefield 2042 Season 6 will kick off this October, but the studio also unveiled “Battlefield 2042 Redux.”

For BF 2042 Season 6, players can expect a new map, and that’s pretty much all the info released so far. While we’re waiting for Season 6 to start, DICE has announced Battlefield 2042 Redux, which will let players revisit fan fave modes where new rewards await.

Battlefield 2042 Redux Overview

DICE will bring back new ways to play fan favorite modes and maps, as well as making new and returning weekly rewards available for players to earn starting this August 29.

This includes modes such as Rush Chaos XL, Tactical Conquest, Breakthrough Chaos to Conquest Assault, Shutdown and more. Mid-season in-game events such as The Liquidators, Battle of Nordvik, Leviathan Rising Limited Time events and modes will also be back for a limited time.

The studio says they have listened to feedback, so expect refined modes every week, on more maps and with new player counts.

Earning Rewards in BF 2042 Redux:

During Redux, players will have a dedicated progression track where you’ll be able to earn Ribbons to unlock rewards, just like from our seasonal Limited Time Events. However, earning Ribbons are now easier and faster.

You can now earn Ribbons to unlock rewards through all official game modes in both All-Out Warfare and Battlefield Portal. That means during Redux you can play your official mode of choice and always progress towards earning rewards.

The rewards range from entirely new content such as character, vehicle and weapon skins, to previous Store content that now becomes earnable. We also have several Double XP weekends lined up to help speed up your progress!

Here are some of the example new rewards:

  • The Steady Drill skin for the AK-24
  • Vigilante cosmetic skin for Charlie Crawford
  • Cybergeddon outfit for Dozer
  • The Cataclysm skin for the PBX-45
  • Hijacker weapon charm
  • And more!

BF 2042 Redux Community Calendar:

You can read up on the previously released modes that are coming back right here.

Finally, DICE also confirmed that a small quality of life update will be released during Redux, which will include changes such as balance adjustments for Engineers and a new Codex feature for those who love to learn more about the lore of Battlefield 2042.

The studio will share more details about the update notes later this month, with Season 6 info shared in October.

Hopefully, the latest game update released today and what’s coming later this month for Redux will be enough to satiate players until Season 6’s launch in October.

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What a disaster of a game.

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