Battlefield 2042 New Development Update Airing Tomorrow to Show What’s Coming Next to the Game

Battlefield 2042 new development update

With Season 5 now in the books, it’s time for DICE to reveal what’s the next thing incoming for Battlefield 2042! The Battlefield 2042 new development update is airing tomorrow, August 15.

Update: For the latest update on Battlefield 2042, head on over here for “Battlefield 2042 Redux” info as well as confirmation when Season 6 will be out.

The video can be seen below, and it will go live at 3 pm UTC/11 am ET/8 am PT/11 pm HKT.

This will be about Season 6, which is something DICE has already confirmed months ago. and chances are, we’ll be getting a new map, new weapons and more along with the upcoming season. I guess, we’ll need to wait and see come tomorrow to know the details about it. Of course, if DICE’s statement about Season 6 having something fans won’t expect is correct, we can expect a surprise or two to be part of the reveal.

Speaking of tomorrow, a new game update is out tomorrow on all platforms, and you can read about it here.

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1 month ago

3rd person please!!!!!!

1 month ago

Are they going to fix the PS5 controls that they broke about 5 updates ago?

If not, then we’re not interested. The game was starting to be good, PS5 controls were on point with haptic feedback, guns felt weighty, there was recoil. Now, every gun feels the same, aiming is floaty as heck.

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