Battlefield 3: Armored Kill New Gameplay Footage, Tank Superiority Mode Detailed

Along with a number of epic new maps and vehicles included in the upcoming Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC, out this September, players will also be getting their hands on the brand new, vehicle-based game mode Tank Superiority.

No longer are details kept in the shadows as DICE’s own Niklas Fegraeus took the stage during EA’s recent Summer Showcase event to give us our first look at Tank Superiority on the brand new map, Armored Shield.

Fegraeus goes on to explain what the new mode is all about: Essentially, two tank platoons will be tasked with dominating a single flag as they try to bleed the opposing force’s tickets down to zero. Think of it as one-flag Conqeust, but in tanks.

Check out Fegraeus’ presentation below, including some quick peeks at other upcoming DLC like Aftermath and End Game.

[youtube id=”wOsP4Nfk9KM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Thanks to IGN for live streaming the event.


The latest episode of Inside DICE describes the new Tank Superiority mode as follows:

Tank Superiority is a highly tailored game mode for Armored Kill where platoons featuring Main Battle Tanks and Tank Destroyers fight for control over a single flag – often placed in extremely open and hard-defended terrain. The new game mode resembles a “King of the Hill” struggle and is available on all four maps in Armored Kill, each map featuring a mix of up to 16 tanks.

As there is only one flag with a tight capture radius per map, heavy tank battles tend to flow back and forth as teams seek to bleed tickets from their opponent. For tank drivers, success usually comes by staying together in packs of 2-3 tanks working together. Going solo to the capture point typically means you get overwhelmed by a large group of enemy tanks.

To make sure there is plenty of opportunity for epic tank battles, respawn times for the vehicles are almost instantaneous. If you spawn at your home base and don’t see a tank, there is usually no reason to start legging it towards the front. A few seconds later, a new tank will appear for you and your team mates.

Tank Destroyers and infantry will also play a role in the mayhem, according to DICE. Though Tank Destroyers are more lightly armored and carry the same punch as a regular tank, they are much more nimble and should provide new gameplay opportunities when it comes to planning ways to attack a flag. Will you sacrifice armor for speed? Additionally, though infantry won’t be carrying the brunt of the assault, they will help keep friendly tanks repaired and provide additional firepower through the combined use of SOFLAMs and Javelins.

DICE gameplay designer Gustav Halling leaves us with a few tips to keep in mind before we get our hands on the new mode which he exclaims was inspired by Battlefield: 1943’s Air Superiority:

As a general rule, great tank commanders will make sure to travel in “wolf packs”, as lone tanks are easily picked off by well-positioned enemy tank squads. It’s important to use the new Tank Destroyer class to its advantage by constantly being on the move to become a harder target to hit. The number of lock-ons that you get from enemy guided weapons in Tank Superiority also means you probably want to equip your tank with IR smoke.

Once you have captured the control point on a map, it is normally a good idea to get the hell out of there, as you will be a sitting duck if you cluster up at the flag while the enemy outmaneuver you from higher terrain or from another advantageous position. Capture, then move back to defend is generally the way to play Tank Superiority and survive.

We leave you with three brand new Battlefield 3: Armored Kill images.

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