Battlefield 4 Revealed – Catch The First Trailer and 17-Minutes of Frostbite 3 Powered Gameplay

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DICE and EA have finally pulled the curtains off their heavily teased and hotly anticipated FPS epic, Battlefield 4. While multi-player footage is still yet to be demonstrated, here is an amazing 17 minute single-player presentation of what to expect in the the latest entry in the highly acclaimed Battlefield franchise as well as the game’s first Trailer.

Battlefield 4 TV Spot

17-minutes of Battlefield 4 Gameplay

Like the previous entry in the series, the single-player campaign seems to rely heavily on set pieces yet seems much more open-ended, with sprawling environments and destruction that will make your jaws drop.  One thing is for sure, Battlefield 4 is graphically very impressive with sharp textures and motion capture like animations that makes the experience believable.  Overall, movement and weapon animations seem relatively intact compared to the previous game.

Other similarities include instances where players are given choices to participate in QTE events, such as shooting out a vehicle window or cutting off the leg of a fellow marine, to save the squad from being annihilated by an ensuing Russian helicopter.  Whether these QTE events offer freedom of choice or are just filler scenes like the previous game are yet to be determined.

There are some new features in BF4 however which indicate the ability to issue commands such as allowing the squad or a friendly helicopter to suppress large groups of enemies.  How this will pan out should be interesting and hopefully will provide some tactical elements to the game.  The ability to switch from optics to ironsights, a vehicle chase scene and a boat infil towards a carrier ship also implies that Battlefield 4 takes some cues and influences from Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Rumors of a female NPC have also come full circle.  Whether she will prove to be a worthy asset to the player is unknown at this point.  Last but not least, the dialogue near the end of the video implies that China is most likely a playable locale.  Here’s hoping that it signifies a return of classic BF2 maps involving the PLA.

Battlefield 4 releases Fall 2013 on PC and most likely on next generation consoles.  Players can also pre-order BF4 and receive a Premium expansion pack.

Thanks to David Veselka who contributed to this post.

What do you guys think? Does the reveal live up to the hype?