Battlefield 4 Rumor – GameStop Poster Suggests the Return of Commander Mode and Three Playable Factions [Updated]

Another promotional Battlefield 4 poster spotted at GameStop suggests the return of Commander Mode, and the ability to play as up to three different factions in Battlefield 4’s multiplayer.

Commander Mode was last featured in Battlefield 2142 – introduced in Battlefield 2 – and was a highly requested feature for Battlefield 3, though it was ultimately not included. It let players direct others from a top-down point of view, allowing for a more tactical view of the battlefield. It’s already been confirmed that Battlefield 4′ single player campaign will follow the story of only one soldier, meaning the inclusion of multiple factions would most likely apply to the multiplayer.

YouTuber luger700 spotted the poster in a local GameStop – a company who’s been at the center of a number of Battlefield 4 rumors as of late, the last being a reveal of the game’s release date – which lists these four key highlights:

  • Frostbite 3: Destructible environments and buildings!
  • 3 playable factions – Russia, China and United States
  • All our war! Vehicle combat and “Commander Mode” returns
  • Get access to the first expansion for FREE with reservation. $10 dollar value!

[youtube id=”7iezoe-8DGk” width=”618″ height=”378″]

In all honesty, the writing looks extremely unofficial, as if it was printed on the poster by an employee at this particular GameStop. The video claims that this employee got his or her info “direct from EA,” but that means squat when we only have one person’s word to go by. Lastly, it’s also worth noting that every Battlefield 3 expansion pack, so far, has been priced at a $15 value, not $10.

What’s makes this rumor worth a closer look, however, is that GameStop is clearly displaying the poster to its customers with this information. They are either very confident about this information, or trying to score some cheap pre-orders.


Readers have pointed out the Sony PlayStation DE facebook page, which also indicates the inclusion of Commander Mode in Battlefield 4. Roughly translated, the page reads:

In the fourth installment in the popular Battlefield series is again the felt. The Return of Commander Mode promises to introduce more tactical depth.

Clearly, this lends more legitimacy to the rumor.

What do you guys think?

Thanks, Kriste, for the tip!

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