Battlefield V: Here’s What a “Base Level Soldier” Looks Like, Ammo Crates to Have In-Game Timer

battlefield 5 ammo

Continuing DICE’s massive info blowout regarding Battlefield V, the studio has given DICE Producer Ryan McArthur access to the official DICE Twitter account. One of the things McArthur has shared is what a “base level soldier” looks like in the game, which means this character model hasn’t had any customization items applied, and hence, is the “vanilla” soldier look.

Also of note, Battlefield V Core Gameplay Designer Florian Le Bihan has also shared what the in-game counter looks like on ammo crates. In the same tweet thread, it has been confirmed that ammo crates WILL resupply ammo, gadgets, grenades and everything else, which wasn’t possible in the beta.

Want more info regarding Battlefield V weapons? Check out the full list of weapons available at launch and broken down by class, DICE has also talked about their ambition for gunplay, and even gave a few tips for players to think over.

Battlefield V will be out this November 20 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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