Battlefield 5 Armory Update Items Listed, Here’s the Official News to Expect This Week

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Looking forward to spending some of your in-game currency in Battlefield 5 but got nothing to buy? That should change today as DICE has rolled out a Battlefield 5 Armory update that’s live now for all platforms.

Currently, there are five new weapon skins (two are Epic), two new soldier skin sets, and two face paints. Thanks to Battlefield YouTuber , we got images of ’em which you can see below.

The next Battlefield 5 Armory update is scheduled in two weeks, which means you have time to decide whether to get these items or not.

In addition to that, DICE has announced what to expect this week in terms of Battlefield 5 news and official announcements. There’s no patch set for this week, but there will be a new blog post, and the fourth week of Trial By Fire starts Thursday!

  • Monday, 4/15/2019
    • This Week in Battlefield V – An overview of this week’s news, blogs, content, and more. As items are added or shifted, this will be updated. Keep an eye on it through the week for redirect links!
  • Tuesday, 4/16/2019
    • Weekly Community Highlight – Best Only in Battlefield Moment of the Week  Hot new OIB moment coming in with a new weekly winner! Think you’ve got a winner? Send it our way on any of the Battlefield channels. Each weekly featured clip will be awarded a Best Community in the World emblem!
    • Armory Update
    • Last Chance for Weekly Mission Reward – Give the ToW Mission a final push if you haven’t completed it yet.
  • Wednesday, 4/17/2019
    • Battlefield V Chapter 3: Trial By Fire Week 4 Tips – Complete this Week’s Challenge, starting April 18th, and you’ll get the Commando Carbine.
    • This is Grind Community Blog – We’ll share details on Grind, a new take on Conquest featuring three capture points in a tighter, more intense, linear map reimagining.
  • Thursday, 4/18/2019
  • Friday, 4/19/2019
    • Battlefield V #OnlyinBattlefield #Firestorm Nvidia Contest Submissions Close
    • Weekly Debrief – Your one-stop destination for all the blogs, videos, and major news that happened in the week.

Are you happy with the Battlefield 5 Armory update or were you expecting more?

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