Battlefield 5 Upcoming Challenges for Tides of War Chapter 3 and New Gun Rewards Leaked

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While each Battlefield 5 Tides of War chapter brings in new gameplay fixes, modes, and even content, there’s no doubt that the new Challenges that come with each chapter are also one of the highlights. For those looking forward to some of the Battlefield 5 upcoming Challenges, you’re in luck!

Thanks to Battlefield 5 dataminer temporyal, a big list of the Battlefield 5 upcoming Challenges for Tides of War Chapter 3: Trial By Fire have been leaked, and some of them will grant new weapons as rewards! Check out the leaked info which shows us the Tides of War Chapter 3 Challenges for Week 6 to Week 12!

P08 Pistol Carbine (Carbine / Medic) alternatively “P08 Luger Artillery”

Reward for ToW Week 7 (May 9 – May 16)

“The P08 Artillery Luger was a variation of the P08 with a longer barrel, shoulder stock and drum magazine. German Stormtroopers used it in World War I and reissued it to certain units in World War II.” (Ingame)

Beretta M38 (SMG / Medic) alternatively “MAB 38”

Reward for ToW Week 12 (June 13 – June 20)

“The MAB 38 and its variants were a series of official submachine guns of the Royal Italian Army introduced in 1938 and used during World War II. The guns were also used by the German, Romanian, and Argentine armies of the time.” (Wikipedia)

​I have no info on other weekly rewards but I think week 10 (Mercury map release) could be another strong contender for a weapon reward. With “Bolt Action Carbines” and “Pistol Carbines” in the game I wonder when they’re going to add the last category (“Machine Pistols”).

Tides of War: Chapter 3 – Week 6 to 12 Challenges

​Please be aware that I can’t see the real tree of those weekly challenges and have no info on the values of X (except for the rare cases where the following word gives it away).

But it’s quite nice to see what we have to do and some descriptions provide a bit of insight about some new game modes.

Thanks for your support and have a nice day

Week 6



Many hands make light work, every point you or your squadmates acquire counts in this one. Actions carried out in Firestorm also count towards Multiplayer assignments.

As a squad earn X score in Multiplayer or Combined Arms.


Rally your squad and dive into Combined Arms missions. While shooting may not be the only way to complete a mission, it has been proven an effective tactic.

Kill X enemies in Combined Arms.


Your squad can support your whole team by giving them bandages or ammo pouches or deploying an ammo crate or medical crate on the battlefield.

As a squad resupply X team members in Multiplayer or Combined Arms.


Playing as the Support Class you may use your repair tool to repair your teammate controlled vehicle.

As a squad repair vehicles for X health in Multiplayer.


All members of a squad collect requisition points that can be used to call in various reinforcements by the squad leader.

As a squad call in X Reinforcements in Combined Arms.


Medics can revive squadmates faster than other classes. Keeping squadmates alive should be a priority.

As a squad revive X squadmates in Multiplayer or Combined Arms.


While some of the most powerful reinforcements cost the most requisition points, every reinforcement can be a turning point in a battle.

As a squad spend X requisition points in Multiplayer.


Brave the snowy peaks of Fjell 652 with your squad in Combined Arms.

Play X Combined Arms missions on Fjell 652.


Work together and play the objectives.

As a squad, achieve X objective captures in Multiplayer.


Work together with your squad to become an effective force in Combined Arms missions.

Complete X missions in Combined Arms.​


Two bullets are better than one. Work with your squad utilize the stationary weapons found in the battlefield.

As a squad kill X enemies using Primary or Stationary weapons in Multiplayer.


Developed for the Italian military the Tromboncino M28 rifle grenade launcher was unique, but certainly could pack a punch.

Deal X damage to vechicles using the grenade launcher on the M28 Tromboncino carbine in Multiplayer or Combined Arms.


When every shot from each member of your squad counts, working together will be key.

As a squad deal X damage in Multiplayer or Combined Arms.




You may need to aim a little higher and at a smaller target, but the results will pay off. Actions carried out in Firestorm also count towards Multiplayer assignments.

Kill X enemies with headshots in Multiplayer or Combined Arms.


Speed and efficiency may not come naturally, but it will come with practice.

Complete a Combined Arms mission within 8 minutes.


Quantity has a quality all of its own. Control your recoil and make sure to restock on ammo whenever possible.

As a squad kill X enemies using SMGs, LMGs, MMGs or Assault Rifles in Multiplayer or Combined Arms.


Shoot straight and make every bullet count.

Kill X enemies with head shots in a mission of Combined Arms.


The strength of a squad relies on each individual soldier. Utilize each squadmates abilities.

As a squad earn X score in Multiplayer or Combined Arms.​


There are a number of gadgets and weapons that will be effective against vehicles. Work together to make the most of each of them.

As a squad destroy X enemy vehicles in Multiplayer.


The greater the challenge the greater the reward.

Complete a Combined Arms mission on Hard difficulty.


Keep your team fit for battle by utilizing the Medic Class and Support Class abilities.

As a squad revive or resupply X teammates in Multiplayer.


Aim high and help you squad by spotting enemies.

As a squad kill X enemies with headshots in Multiplayer.


As the quality of rifles improved over the 19th century individual marksmanship increased in importance, to again lose out to volume of fire in the 20th century as automatic weapons became more common.

Deal X damage using the P08 Pistol Carbine in Multiplayer or Combined Arms.


Equip a bolt action rifle, find a good position, and may your aim be true.

Get a headshot kill at a range of 50 meters or more in Multiplayer or Combined Arms.

Week 8



A variation on the Breakthrough game mode, one team must defend a single sector in a heavily fortified position. Fortifications have never been more important than in this new take on siege warfare.

Play 1 round of Fortress.


Explosives of all sorts can destroy fortifications, but in a pinch you might need to get a little creative. Shooting AT mines will detonate them from a distance.

Destroy 1 fortification using an AT mine.


Blow down the sandbag castles. Destroy enemy fortifications that block your path to victory.

Destroy X fortifications in enemy objective areas.


Break it down and rebuild. Even after a fortification has been destroyed it may be reconstructed. As an attacker keep an eye out for fortifications that will help your team flank the enemy.

Build X fortifications in friendly objective areas.


Stand your ground and seize what is yours. The more teammates that are inside the objective area the faster it will be captured.

Capture X objectives.


It’s not about what you do, but where and when. Capture, defend, or assist your team around the objective area to earn objective score.

Earn X objective score.


Playing as a Medic or Support class you can deploy ammo crates and medical crates as well as toss your teammates bandages and ammo pouches.

Resupply teammates X times.


Keep your team in the fight and save them the hassle of running back from the deploy point. Squadmates can revive each other while Medics can revive all teammates.

Revive X teammates.


Suppressing fire will help your team move from one position to the next. The Support class can carry MMGs and build stationary weapon fortifications.

Kill X enemies using stationary weapons or MMGs.


In the end whoever holds the objectives will win the battle. Capture objectives and keep them clear of any enemies trying to take them back.

Kill X enemies while attacking or defending objectives.

Week 9



Although in limited supply vehicles can overcome great challenges on the battlefield. From capturing objectives to providing quick mobility from one point to the next.

Earn X score while in a vehicle or stationary weapon.


Keep your vehicles running smoothly. Support class players can repair teammate’s vehicles using their toolbox.

Repair teammates vehicles for X health.


Stationary cannons and AT mines are a formidable defense against armored vehicles and will make enemies think twice before using them in an attack.

Deal X damage using stationary weapons or AT mines.


Both drivers and passengers in vehicles can achieve kill assists. Work together, all guns forward, fire at will.

Kill or assist in killing X enemies while in a tank or halftrack.


A single full-on hit with a Panzerfaust or PIAT can disable the engine of a tank, crippling its movement and giving you time to secure the kill or sneak away. Most tanks have their engine in the rear, a notable exception is the Archer tank destroyer which had its chassi flipped front-to-back to reduce the overall length of the vehicle.

Disable the engine of enemy tanks X times.


Always keep an eye on the objectives. Fighting over a piece of no man’s land will never win a battle.

Capture X objectives.


Be the apex predator. Tanks and half-tracks can be effective in dealing with all manner of enemy vehicles but are equally matched against each other.

Destroy X enemy vehicles while in a tank or halftrack.


Lithe and responsive, aircraft can provide air support for teammates on the ground and keep them safe from hostile pilots.

Deal X damage while in an aircraft.


Collect requisition points and use them to call in reinforcement vehicle deployments, airstrikes, artillery barrages, and supply drops.

As a squad, spend X Requisition points.


Armored vehicles can provide cover while capturing or defending objectives. Utilize their firepower where it is most effective.

Earn X objective score while in a tank or halftrack.


The easiest fight is an unfair fight. Use vehicles mobility and firepower to dominate the battlefield.

Kill or assist in killing X enemies while in a vehicle or stationary weapon.

Week 10

​No data at all.

Week 11

Challenges (no descriptions):


Play 1 round of Outpost.


Kill X enemies while attacking or defending objectives.


Build or repair radio towers for X score.


Upgrade 1 radio tower.


As a squad, spend X requisition points in one round of Outpost.


Build X fortifications in objective areas.


Damage enemy radio towers for X score.


Win X rounds of Outpost.


As a squad, kill X enemies.


Revive teammates or kill enemies X times.

Week 12

Challenges (almost no descriptions):


Build X fortifications in Outpost.


Earn X score while in a vehicle in Outpost.


Build or repair friendy radio towers or vehicles for X score.


As a squad, revive squadmates X times.


Earn X objective score in Outpost.


Respawn beacons are extremely valuable in Outpost as it not possible to spawn on radio towers. And do not forget to use your spotting gadgets, no need to take all the glory for yourself

Kill X enemies as a recon.


Destroy 1 radio tower using a V1 or JB2 flying bomb.


Complete X squad orders in Outpost.


Deal X damage with stationary weapons or MMGs.


As a squad, earn X requisition points.


Kill X enemies with the Beretta M38 in a round.

As you can see, some of the weeks have “no data” which means this list isn’t finalized. Same as the other datamined info, there’s a chance that the Challenges listed here could change or be taken out entirely.

Once we find out more leaks, we’ll let you know.

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